Set up an Azure Repository

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You can manage the version history with Azure Repos.

Create a Project in Azure Repos

First, we should create a repository in Azure.

  • Go to the Repos section of your Azure account.

  • Create a project.
    This creates an empty project that will be used as a repository.

An empty project will be created as follows.

Generate the Credentials

Next, we will require the following information to clone the repository.

  1. Repository URL
  2. Credentials
    1. Username/ Password
    2. Token
  • In your project, go to Repos.
  • Click on Generate Git Credentials.

Repository URL

You can see the URL to clone the repository is generated.

Credentials: Username and Password

On the same page, you see the Repository URL, you can see the username and password.

Credentials: Token

  • Click on the User Settings.
  • Go to Personal access tokens.
  • Click on New Token.
  • Update the options such as the expiration date, scope as necessary, and click Create.

Copy the password once it is generated as it will not be stored, and you won’t be able to see it again.

Clone the Repository in FlexRule Designer

Now you can add this repository to FlexRule Designer.

  • Open your project in FlexRule Designer.
  • Go to Manage Remotes.
  • Add the repository.

The repository name and the URL were taken from the project we created in the previous step.

The repository will be added as follows.

Now when you push the changes to the remote repository, enter the username and password generated from the above step.

After that, you can see the cloned project files in the Azure repository.

Updated on April 7, 2022

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