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Update Executing Agent Runtime

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Update Executing Agent Runtime

You can upload multiple Runtime versions to the server and choose which Runtime to be used for each running agent.

Upload a New Runtime

1. Download the Runtime Nuget package that you want to use, using the following link.


For example, if you want Runtime 9.1.126, click on the version number and click Download Package to download it.

This will download a .nupkg file.

Nupkg file download

2. Go to the workbench and navigate to Administration --> Agents.

Agent with default runtime

3. Click on New Runtime.

Agent upload new runtime

4. Browse for the .nupkg file and click Save to upload.

Update the Agent Runtime

1. Stop the agent

Turn off agent

2. Go to your agent and click Edit.

Agent Edit

3. You will be able to select the Runtime version and click Save to update.

Select Agent runtime

4. Click update.

Update Agent runtime

5. Start the agent again.

Updated Runtime in Agent
Updated on September 28, 2023

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