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Execute in FlexRule Workbench

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After deploying the package on the FlexRule Server, you should first ensure that it runs successfully. To execute in FlexRule Workbench, follow the below steps:

1. Once you deploy the example, you can see it as a service under Execution Server –> Services.

Click on Test Run under Actions.

Workbench Services menu with Test Run selected on a service

2. Under Info, change the Client Secret to the App1 password that you defined during the Default Account setting in FlexRule Server Master configuration.

Setting user and password for Service test run

4. Under Inputs, enter the input JSON.

    "Name": "car",
    "Value": {
      "Airbags": "Driver, FrontPassenger",
      "ModelYear": 2007,
      "Made": "Hyundai",
      "Model": "IX35",
      "Style": "Sedan"

If your input parameter is a JSON, but you have not specified a type in your deployed project, you must use "Type": "json" in the input JSON.

“Name”: “InputJson”,
Type”: “json”
“Value”: {

Service Test run response JSON input

5. Click Run to execute the service

6. Under Results, the output will be shown.

Successful execution display showing bearer token and response
Service execution URL

After a ‘Test Run’, Service URL will be shown at the beginning of the Test Run page. This is the URL you should use in your application to call the deployed package.

Updated on October 9, 2023

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