Build and Deploy a Package

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To build a package, you need to use the FlexRule Designer Publisher plugin. You can use the FlexRule Designer user interface or use it as a command line.

To understand how to build a package, refer to:

Service Deployment Hints

When logic is going to serve as a REST API Service in FlexRule Server, there are some changes required. These changes are needed because your communication to a service-end-point (and your logic) are not in-proc. Therefore, some behaviors of objects (values) are different when you need to pass objects (values) across the wire (serialise and deserialise) to a service endpoint from where they are sitting in the memory already loaded inside your machine’s process.



When logic that is being deployed as a service has input parameters and those parameters are (a) affected (or updated/changed) with your logic, and (b) the changes are expected to be pushed back to the client as a result, then you must change the directions of the parameters to InOut. Otherwise, they will not push back to your client when execution is finished on the server. The server only pushes back Out and InOut parameters to the result object.


When your logic works with a pure JSON value and it does not have any type specified, then you must set the parameter’s type to JSON prior to deploying your logic as a service. The reason for this is to ensure that the service knows how to translate your input to a live object and pass that to your logic for processing.

Updated on January 13, 2020

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