Business Rules Mining

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The Business Rules Mining capability of FlexRule enables extracting business rules from a given dataset.

Once you install the Analytics extension (FlexRule.Extensions.Analytics), go to,

Add New Document --> Decision Analytics --> Rules Mining 
Rules mining

The following page will be opened.

The steps for business rule mining are,

  • Dataset: Import the dataset to extract business rules from
  • Define Rules: Define the conditions and action
  • Extract Rules: Extract the rules

Extracting Business Rules from a Dataset


The very first step is to upload the dataset to extract business rules.
Only CSV files are supported at this stage.

Once the dataset is uploaded successfully, you will see the file information.

  • Size: Size of the uploaded file
  • Separator: Delimiter of the CSV file
  • Number of Rows: The number of rows in the uploaded dataset
  • Number of Columns: Number of columns in the uploaded dataset

You will also have the option to preview the uploaded dataset.

Click Next Step to go to the next step.

Define Rules

The Action column and the condition columns are defined at this step.

The action/ conditions lists are auto-generated from the file uploaded in the previous step.

Select the action from the drop-down list.

Select the condition columns.

Click Next Step to continue with the mining options.

Extract Rules

The final step is to extract business rules.

  • Logic Documents: This option cannot be changed. It will create a Decision Graph document at the end of the training.
  • Artifacts Home: By default, it is the project’s root folder.

Click Start or Start Mining Rules to continue.

Once the process starts, you can see the steps in the Background Tasks window.

When the rule mining is completed successfully, you will be able to see the completed steps.

Click on the completed task and click View Task Result.

Then you will see the discovery report.

Automatically Created Model

You will also see the automatically created files.

These are the files:

  • <CSV file name>.DecisionTable.xml:
    The decision table with the extracted business rules.
  • <CSV file name>.InputOutput.Concept.xml:
    The concept file defines the inputs and output of the decision table.

<CSV file name>.DecisionTable.xml

<CSV file name>.InputOutput.Concept.xml

Running the Decision Table

Open the decision table and click Debug with JSON Composer.

Enter sample data.

If there are matching conditions, the execution will be finished.

The output can be seen in the Parameters window.

Video Tutorial

Updated on December 12, 2023

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