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The charts available in the Toolbox window as follows.

Charts full

You can drag and drop any charts from the Toolbox in to the dataset. Once you do that it will create a new page for the chart or if you have exiting pages, you can add into that page as well.

Soon after you drag and drop the chart, you need to select the Columns for the chart. It may be an argument, value, count, Sum, Average, Median, Minimum, Maximum, Standard Deviation or else x and y axis based on the chart you select.

Column selector2

If you select Unique Value Count, Frequency Count or Pearson (Correlation) from the Toolbox, you will have following window to select columns. In there you can select numeric or categorical columns by clicking on the 2 icons in the top left corner as marked follows.



  • You can change the chart title under Title section.
  • You can check/uncheck the visibility of labels, legend and title.

Change the color of arguments

To change the color of the charts go to Appearance tab in the Properties window and select Arguments

Colour Graph

Then create arguments with similar to the chart and select colors from the color pallet.

color pallet

Updated on February 6, 2023

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