Connect a source to the Booklet

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Following two options are available to connect your source to the Booklet.

  1. Connect Models
  2. Connect Data

Connect Models

You can connect your Decision Models to your Booklet.

Connect a Flow

You can connect pre existing Flow in your project as a data source.

Flow  for booklet

Once you drag and drop Flow, project explorer window allows you to select your pre-existing flow document to connect as a data source.

Project explorer for booklet

Connect Data

  1. Connect a Database
  2. Connect a REST API
  3. Connect a JSON File
  4. Connect a Spreadsheet

Now you can connect your data source to the Booklet by dragging a relevant data source from Toolbox and drop in to the Booklet.

Connect a Database

Database for booklet

If you drag and drop Database icon from Toolbox, the following window will appear to connect the database

db connection

Query Builder

Once you successfully connect your database, you can build your query here.

Once you double click on the tables, it will come to the editing space. If the editing space has any other tables before, the new selected table will create a join with others if exists. Otherwise, you can manually select the join type in the Join Editor window. the green plus icon helps you to join with other tables easily. In the right side, you can see the query is building according to the tables in the edit space.

Query Builder

In the bottom right, you can do some other edits for the query such as Sorting Type, Group-By, Aggregate etc.

And also, in the left bottom corner, the Preview Results button allows you to preview the results base on the query you build, Filter and Edit Parameters for the query. Once you click ok, your data source will be linked to the Booklet.

Connect a REST API

You can connect your desired REST API as a data source by providing service URL.

RESTAPI for booklet

Connect a JSON file

You can connect your JSON file as a data source.

JSON File for booklet
JSON file 2

Connect a Spreadsheet file

You can connect your spreadsheet file to a Booklet as a data source.

SpreadSheet for booklet

Spreadsheet File Selector allows you to select your spreadsheet.

spreadsheet selector for booklet

Retrieve the Data

Complete the source connection from one of the options mention above.

Now you can click on Play button in the Toolbar to retrieve the data.

New Data retrieve for booklet

Check the Source Binding

If you have a Booklet which is already connected to a source, you can either modify the source or view what the source is.

  1. Go to the Properties window and click on the following area to open the drop down list.
booklet source change 1

2. Select Data Source from the drop down.

change Data source for the booklet

3. It shows the Data Source Binding details. In this example: its a Spreadsheet.


Updated on March 8, 2023

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