Debugging Tutorial

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In this tutorial, we will be debugging the project Car Insurance step-by-step.

1. First, open the file you want to debug in FelxRule Designer.

2. Then, we are using Logic Run Template option as we have a pre-defined template to input data. In this way, we don’t need to manually enter input data when every time we debug.

3. We use one of the templates and click “Debug”.

4. The debugging process begins by highlighting the starting node in Yellow.

5. When we click the Next Step icon it finishes processing the current node and goes to the next step

6. Step in:
If the node has a child model it will ask whether you want to step into the child mode. If you say Yes, it will take you to the child model.
So here we say Yes.

7. Because we said Yes in the previous step, now we are in the child model. This model can also be debugged step by step.

8. Once the child model finishes debugging, it takes you back to the main model

9. Step over:
If you select No when it asks to go inside a child model, it won’t go inside. Instead, it will go to the next node.

10. While you are debugging, you can use the watch window. It has IntelliSense making it easier to try expressions and see the passing values. (You can press Ctrl + space bar to see the suggested variables.)

11. Finally on the parameters window you can see the parameters (input/ local/ output)

See Introduction to Debugging for more information.

Updated on April 12, 2022

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