Output Window

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The output window has a list of different logs.

  1. Storage is a live log for local/online storage with file access.
  2. Debugger Log has the capability to show a live execution path while executing logic documents.
  3. Trace shows live execution traces outputs (if available).
  4. Execution Log shows generated logs based on events that occur during execution.


This live log of storage shows file access of local/online storage during the execution.

For example, in the following window, you can see permission grant on File Read and Get File List along with the date and time.

Debugger Log

When running rules in FlexRule Designer, EnableFullLog is set to true and the result of the conclusion log can be seen in the output window under Debugger Log section.


If there are any live execution traces available, you will be able to see them in this window.

Execution Log

Execution log shows generated logs based on events that occur during execution including decision names, files, execution times, action, etc.

We recommend referring to the Event Viewer if you want to further analyse the execution log.

Updated on July 20, 2020

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