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The Run Template allows you to associate prepared data that is created using JSON Composer to:

  1. Execution of a logic
  2. A Workflow Task (i.e. Human Task, Receive Task…)

Create and Save a Run Template

Create a Run Template using JSON Composer

To Create a Run Template,

  • Create your input in JSON format
  • Click on ‘Save as Run Template’ and save the run template

Run Templates allow you to save the Data Feed Provider’s settings for later reuse.

If you are configuring a Workflow, then you have an option to associate the data to a specific Task (i.e. Human Task, Receive Task, etc.) By saving this Run Template, the Data Feed Provider Configuration will be reusable in the future for running or debugging the logic document.

Create a Run Template using the Data Feed Provider

To Create a Run Template,

  • Click on Debug icon
  • Put the Logic into Debug and set up the Data Feed Provider screen
  • Save Template button will appear

Use the Save and enter details:

See Logic Run Template to know how to run/ debug a project using Run Templates.

Updated on April 5, 2022

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