Logic Run Template

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Logic Run Template allows you to utilize some testing, simulation, debugging, and execution scenarios.

First, you need to open a logic document. Then on FlexRule Designer Toolbar, there is an icon called: Logic Run template

By clicking on the “Logic Run Template”, a new screen will appear in which you can choose your created Run Template.

Create a Logic Run Template

First, open the document that you want to create an input template.

For example, if we want to create a template for the Home Loan Calculator project, we should open Main.xml

Click on Debug with JSON Composer.

Enter the input values.

Click on Save as Run Template.

Provide a title and its description.

Click OK.

You will see the following message.

Then click OK on the JSON Composer window if you want to start debugging right after that, or you can click Cancel.

Now if you click on Logic Run Template, you will see all the templates you created for the specific document.

These templates are specific to the document you create them on.

If you go to your project folder, under the folder .RunTemplate you will see the created JSON files used for each Logic Run Template.

Simulation, Debug, and Run Scenarios

When the Logic Run Template screen appears, you can choose any of the available listed scenarios based on the Title or other information that is shown in the list.

Then you can use the screen’s toolbar to either Debug or Run a particular scenario.

Use the Debug option to debug the opened project.

Use the Run option to run the opened project.

Managing Scenarios

You can filter all Run Templates which are related to a current Document:

Use the Delete option to delete a created Run Template

You can also edit a created Run Template

Updated on May 27, 2021

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