Project Properties

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When a project is created, simply go to “Project->Properties” and the properties window will be opened.

Project Properties

A Rule Project has a properties window that allows you to:

  • Configure certain display settings related to rules
  • Manage rule document editors
  • Manage assemblies and references
  • View information about Value
  • View information regarding Runtime

To go to the properties of a project, go to Project –> Properties

The options you see in all Project properties:

  • General: This allows you to specify a name and a physical location on your hard disk for the new project
  • Builders: This section allows you to add any custom document builder for your project
  • References: This allows you to reference any assemblies (.dll files) related to your project (e.g., entities, facts, actions) that you might use in your rules and decisions
  • Tree Document: This allows you to configure the appearance of tree-based documents

Other sections you might find on your installation based on available plugins:

  • Runtime: allows you to set a path to FlexRule Runtime installation so the Designer can use it for running, testing, and simulating rules
  • Vault: Local folder for the Version Control System.

Managing References

You can add and remove assembly references from the Project Properties window.

Simply open the project properties window, then select the References tab:

From this screen, you can Add or Remove references to a rule project.

When Add is selected, you can choose an assembly from its location or from the Global Assembly Cache of your computer.

Select an assembly from GAC.
Use folder explorer from the left-hand side and locate your folder. From the right panel, you can select your file. If you know the path, you can simply enter it in the Location text box and press enter.


The extensions tab allows you to choose which toolbox to show when you open documents.
For example, if you don’t want to see the Salesforce toolbox, you can untick it from here.


Current Version

Where the FlexRule Runtime is installed, you can find details about its version.

Runtime Version
You can also directly check the Runtime version from the file.
1. Browse to the folder where FlexRule Runtime is installed
2. Find the FlexRule.Library.Core.dll file
3. Right-click on it and select Properties
4. Under Details, you will see the Product Version

When the Debugger plugin is installed on FlexRule Designer Properties Window it will also show you the Runtime information. You can set the settings for the Runtime, and view details of Runtime assemblies that are already loaded.

Please note, that you always can change the Runtime setting, but you need to restart the FlexRule Designer to apply the changes.

Updated on April 8, 2022

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