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Once you start FlexRule Designer, you will be directed to the home screen. This window has options such as creating a new project, open samples, help options, and resources.


The start section shows you a list of recent projects. Also, you can get started with the following options.

  • Create a new project: Create a new project from scratch
  • Open a project: Open an already created project
  • Clone a repository: Clone a project from your Git repository
  • Download a sample: Download a sample project

    or simply continue to the authoring platform.

The sample gallery contains a list of sample projects under the categories: Business Rules and Decisions, Decision Robotics, Human Workflow, and Data & Analytics. Depending on your requirements and what you want to achieve from FlexRule, you can select a sample project and see how we have modeled the business rules.

You can download the project and open the tutorial to see the complete tutorial. All the tutorials are on our sample projects page as well.


The help section consists of resources to help you to learn more about FlexRule, its concepts, and how to model. It contains the links to,

  • Product documentation: Product documentation of FlexRule Designer
  • Resource Hub: Online technical documentation
  • Learning Hub: Learn more about FlexRule by enrolling in an online course.
  • Video Club: List of video tutorials
  • Support: Online portal to create support tickets. You can contact our support team to ask any technical question


The about page shows information about your account, license, and product including the version and expiry date. You can also,

  • Locate Log File: Log files of FlexRule Designer
  • Locate Recent File: The file containing the list of recently opened projects
  • Open Installation Folder: FlexRule Designer installation folder
  • Open NuGet Sources: Open the Nuget source files
    If you go to the Designer installation folder and open FlexRule.Designer.Settings.config, you can change the NuGet folder or add multiple folders separated by ; .

    <Add name="NuGet" value="%MyDocuments%\.nugets"/>
  • Profiling Session: Record a profiling session
Updated on April 4, 2022

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