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Install FlexRule Designer and Runtime

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Welcome to FlexRule Designer. Let us take you through the installation steps below.

Step 1 – Make sure you are ready to install FlexRule Designer and Runtime on your machine

1. Register on FlexRule

As the very first step, you need that you register on FlexRule (If you have registered already, you have permission to skip this step).

2. Download My Licenses Application

  1. It is mandatory to receive an email from support@flexrule.com confirming that you can download the licenses.
    This is a one-time process. You can skip this step if the support team has already added you to the licensing system.
  2. Once your username is added to the licensing system, download the licenses using the My Licenses Application.

Step 2 – Download FlexRule Designer installer

1. Log in to your FlexRule profile

Go to http://my.flexrule.com/ and log in using the username and password you used to register on Step 1.1.

2. Download FlexRule Designer

Download only the FlexRule Designer from the download page.

Step 3 – Install FlexRule Designer and Runtime

1. Install using the installer

  1. You will see the downloaded installer: FlexRuleDesigner<version>Setup.exe
  2. Double-click on that and the Designer will be installed

2. Download FlexRule Runtime

  1. Open installed FlexRule Designer
  2. Download FlexRule Runtime from the pop-up Runtime Downloader and it will be automatically installed.

3. Provide your license files

Browse for the following license files you downloaded on Step 1.2.

  • FlexRule Designer license: Flexrule.Designer.License.lic
  • FlexRule Runtime License: Flexrule.License.lic

Now your FlexRule Designer installation is successful! Enjoy using FlexRule Designer!

Updated on April 8, 2021

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