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Download and Install FlexRule Runtime

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You can download FlexRule Runtime in two ways.

  1. From NuGet: If you want to use only the Runtime in your project (ex: Linux/ macOS systems)
  2. From FlexRule Designer: If you want to create the project using the designer

You should also have a FlexRule Runtime license file to use the Runtime.

From Nuget

  1. Navigate to NuGet FlexRule Runtime page.
  2. Click on the version you want to download.

It is reccommended to download the latest version

3. Download from the link, Download Package and it will be downloaded.

From FlexRule Designer

Create/ open a project

1. Open FlexRule Designer and click on “Create a New Project” or open an already created project

2. Give a name and a path to the project.

3. If you created a new project, a new project will be created.

Download and install

4. Click on Properties to go to project properties

5. Click on Download FlexRule runtime NuGet under Runtime tab to download runtime

6. Select the Runtime you want to download from the list of available runtimes. Also, enter the Path to Install

7. Wait until the download finishes.

8. Define the path to your FlexRule Runtime license file (flexrule.license.lic) under Runtime License Path
(See Download and install license to learn how to get a license)

9. Restart the designer.

Video Tutorial

Updated on April 22, 2021

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