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This extension allows users to connect to OCR  (optical character recognition) to call feature types including Read Image, Read PDF, Read MultiFrame Image and Save PDF.

Advanced OCR extension works in optimum conditions and does the job with improved stability and accuracy in any conditions; this allows users to detect and read text from imperfectly scanned Images or PDFs.

There are advanced features available for getting more accurate output e.g. enhancing low-quality documents. OCR uses artificial intelligence for text search and its recognition of images; this extension finds templates in pixels, letters, words, and sentences.


When the OCR Extension is installed, the Toolbox will be updated for Flow models.

See OCR Commands for the full description.

How to use the Extension for OCR API feature types

The following tutorial shows you how to use OCR API as an extension.

1. Create a Flow.

2. From the menu Tools –> Extension Manager, install FlexRule.Extensions.OCR.

3. Drag and drop an OCR command node from the toolbox.

4. Enter the image or pdf Uri (either file path or web Url), the return variable, and select output type.

5. Check available options under Properties.

6. Run or Debug the flow.

You will see the result in the parameters window.

Click Data Viewer to see the whole output text/lines.

Updated on August 25, 2022

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