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Referencing Multiple Logic Documents

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General flow allows referencing multiple logic documents and defines their sequence to run. This helps to simplify the orchestration logic as one node can represent multiple logic documents.

Let’s consider the following example with two decision tables that you referenced separately in a flow.

Instead of having multiple separate nodes, you can have a single node that represents all the documents.

Below logic documents can be reused in the orchestration layer and their nodes can be linked to multiple logic documents of the same type:

For example, the following image shows how you can add multiple Decision Tables to a single decision table node. The documents should be separated by ; .

Note the addresses to different logic documents can be dynamically identified by setting the Dynamic Routing to true.

The following options need to be set in order to reference multiple documents.


  • Context Mode: Shared
  • Logic Documents: List of documents separated by ;

Adding Logic Documents

1. From the Project Explorer, drag and drop the first document to be executed.

The document will be added with the references.

2. Next, drag and drop the other documents from the Project Explorer.

The document reference will be automatically added to the list.

Managing Multiple Documents

By default, the documents will be executed according to the order you dragged and dropped. You can directly type and change it or use the following interface to manage it.

Click on the Logic Documents option button.

The following window will appear with a set of options.

In this window, you have the following options.

  • Manually type a document name
  • Select a document from the existing list of documents
  • Remove a document from the list
  • Open a selected document
  • Change the order of the document execution
  • Find the documents from the list

Run Logic Documents in Parallel

The logic documents can be run in parallel without executing them one by one. This will enhance the performance of the project.

The following properties need to be set in order to run documents in parallel.


  • Context Mode: New
  • Logic Documents: List of documents separated by ;
  • Parallel: True

The parallel option is available only for decision tables and flow documents.

Sample Project

The attached sample project demonstrates the behavior explained above. You can use the added Run Templates to run/ debug the following flows.

  • SeparateFlows.xml: How decision tables were added separately
  • MergedFlow.xml: How to use one node to merge decision tables instead of adding the multiple nodes separately
  • MergedFlow-Parallel.xml: How to use one node to execute decision tables in parallel

Updated on November 1, 2023

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