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Test a Workflow in the Workbench

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Once you have created a workflow, you can upload it to the server to run. The following steps will show how to successfully deploy and test a workflow in your server.

Build and Upload a Workflow

  • First, the package should be built and uploaded to the server using FlexRule Designer Package Builder.
  • The uploaded workflows can be seen under Execution Server > Workflows.

Provide Permissions to the Role to Run Workflows

  • Go to Administration > Roles.
  • Click on Details of the role.
  • Search for Work under Action Name and allow the actions related to Workflow.

Test Run the Workflow

Once you make the initial request for a workflow, it goes to a waiting stage. After that, if there is any human interaction or receive task option, you can resume whenever it is necessary.

The Initial Request

  • Go to Execution Server > Services
  • Click on Test Run of the Workflow you want to run
  • Enter the application login information under Info.
  • Enter the sample input under the Inputs tab.

Or if there is no input, you can keep it empty with [ ].

  • Click on Test Drive.
  • If both Authentication and Execution are successful, you will see the output as a success under the ‘Results’ tab.

Resume the Workflow

  • If you see a receivers tag in the Execution section after the test run, that indicates that the workflow is waiting for human interaction.
  • If so, copy the workflowInstanceId and title.
  • Paste them in Workflow Resume under the info tab.
  • Enter the human interaction option in Outcome.
    In this example, it is an approval (ACCEPT or REJECT).
  • Delete the input under the Inputs tab.
  • Click on Test Drive.
  • You will see the output accordingly.

If you go to Workflows and click on the workflow, you will see its status.


The following methods can be used to troubleshoot.

Turn on Debug Trace

If there is any error, you can see it in the test results.

You can turn on the debug trace to see the full trace. This option is under the Info tab.

Turn on the above debug trace and Run the service again to see the

Download Service Log

Once you run the workflow, if there is any error, you can see it on Execution Server > Services page under each service.

You can view errors by clicking on the Actions drop-down and choosing the Last 10 Errors.

Updated on May 23, 2022

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