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Test a Workflow in the Workbench

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Once you have created a workflow, you can upload it to the server to run. The following steps will show how to successfully deploy and test a workflow in your server.

Build and Upload a Workflow

  • First, the package should be built and uploaded to the server using FlexRule Designer Package Builder.
  • The uploaded workflows can be seen under Execution Server > Workflows.

Provide Permissions to the Role to Run Workflows

  • Go to Administration > Roles.
  • Click on Details of the role.
  • Search for Work under Action Name and allow the actions related to Workflow.

Test Run the Workflow

  • Go to Execution Server > Services
  • Click on Test Run of the Workflow you want to run
  • Enter the application login information under Info.
  • Enter the sample input under the Inputs tab.
  • Click on Test Drive.
  • If both Authentication and Execution are successful, you will see the output as a success under the ‘Results’ tab.

Test the Human Interaction

  • If you see a receivers tag in the Execution section after the test run, that indicates that the workflow is waiting for human interaction.
  • If so, copy the workflowInstanceId and title.
  • Paste them in Workflow Resume under info tab.
  • Enter the human interaction option in Outcome.
    In this example, it is an approval (ACCEPT or REJECT).
  • Delete the input under Inputs tab.
  • Click on Test Drive.
  • You will see the output accordingly.

Service Error Log

Once you run the workflow, the service log can be seen under Execution Server > Services.

You can view errors by clicking on the Actions drop down and choosing Last 10 Errors.

Updated on October 21, 2019

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