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Manage Workflow Instances

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Each time you run a workflow in FlexRule Server, a workflow instance is created with its own unique ID, inputs, outputs, and history.

Before you start, follow these instructions to run a workflow first.

View Running Workflow Instances

1. Click on Execution Server > Workflows.

2. Click on the name (Package Identifier) of the workflow.

Each instance of the workflow will be listed.

3. Click on Actions > View History to view more details about the workflow instance.

The history pane shows you what point the workflow instance is at.

Delete a Workflow Instance

To delete a single workflow instance, click on the Actions drop-down and choose Delete.

To delete all instances or instances with a particular status, you can use the Delete Instances drop-down menu.

Deleting cannot be undone so make sure you choose the correct option.

Updated on October 3, 2023

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