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Quick Start for Developers

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Download and Install

Do you know how to install FlexRule?
If not, then you’re in the right place.

The following page takes you through downloading and installing FlexRule on your machine.

Install FlexRule Designer and Runtime

Congratulations, you have installed FlexRule successfully!

Start your First Project

Modelling a Concept

Now, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the FlexRule Designer.
Don’t worry we have your back! The first step is modelling your concept using a Fact Concept.

Learn how to use a fact concept

Create your First Decision Table

Need to add some business rules, conditions or actions to your process?
Then you need to start by modelling it in a Decision Table.

Introduction to decision tables

Build decision table documents

Create your First Rule using Natural Language

Did you know, using natural language you can write your business rules in the ubiquitous language of your domain?
At FlexRule, we have a very flexible and adaptable natural language. It allows you to write business rules by defining your own ubiquitous language using your own business glossary, terms and fact concepts to guide you while writing the rules

Introduction to natural language

Write logic in natural language

Model your Process using Flow logic

By now you’ve seen how to create a logic document. Now you’re wondering how to orchestrate and model your business process.

The short answer is: using Generic Flow! Let’s dive in to more details.

Introduction to generic flow

Flow commands

Connect to a database

Integrate Into Code

Install Server

Have you heard of Decision-as-a-Service?

When you’re implementing complex applications, services (i.e., microservices) or business processes, it’s always a challenge to share business logic. With FlexRule decision-as-a-service, you can simplify the logic of your services, extract the business logic and share it across all of your services, applications and processes in a manageable way.

FlexRule Server takes care of everything you need to make your business logic (i.e., business rules, decisions, flows, etc.) a secure and scalable REST API.

Sounds like Magic! Let’s see where to start.

Introduction to FlexRule Server

Download and install FlexRule Server

Publish your First Project

Once you’ve created your process, you can package it up in FlexRule Designer and publish it straight to FlexRule Server. This will let you offer your process as a service to other users and applications.

Use the link below for specific instructions on how to do this.

Build a project package

Test a Deployed Project

Once you have a service ready in FlexRule Server, you can test it easily through the Workbench.

As the service is a REST API, you can also use third-party tools like Postman to query the service.

Test using the FlexRule Server Workbench

Test using Postman

Updated on June 30, 2020

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