Create your First Project

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1. Open FlexRule Designer

2. Click on the Account icon at the top right corner and enter your FlexRule username (not email) and password.

3. Go to Project > New Project or click on the New icon on the menu.

4. Enter a name and path to save the project and click OK.

5. Update Runtime Setting if necessary. Choose No if you don’t want to change the Runtime path or license path.

If there is no Runtime defined, click OK and continue with Runtime Configuration.

6. Add documents to the project.

7. Create a Generic Flow under Business Logic.

8. Open the created file, GenericFlow.xml.

9. Drag and drop Start, Stop, and Activity nodes from the Toolbox.

10. Connect the nodes.

11. Double-click on the Activity and enter Results as the node label.

12. Click on the Properties.

13. From the Properties window, click on Variable Definition to define a variable.

14. Add a variable.

15. Set Direction to Out and Name to Result and click OK.

16. Click on the activity to see the Activity Properties.

17. Add Result=1+1 as the activity Expression.

18. Click on Debug with JSON Composer.

19. Click Yes to save the flow.

20. The JSON composer will pop up. As there are no inputs in this flow, click OK without adding any value.

21. The flow will start and keep clicking Next Step to go step-by-step until the end of the flow.

22. A message will pop up after successful completion.

23. The results can be seen in the Parameters window. In this project, we added only one expression, Result = 1+ 1 which is 2.

Opening a project

If you want to open the created project, start the Designer and use one of the following methods.

Choose Project > Open Project from the top menu.

Choose from Recent Projects in the welcome screen.

Choose Project > Open Recent > [Path to Project] from the top menu.

From Windows File Explorer, open the project folder and double-click on the .frpj file.

Updated on June 16, 2020

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