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In this tutorial we are going to add a new package to your FlexRule Server. We will upload the sample decision package and enable the status of the uploaded package.

A package can be uploaded in two ways.

  1. Directly from the Designer
  2. Upload a package file (.frdp)

Upload a package from the Designer

Uploading a package from the designer is explained under ‘Publish your project‘.

Upload a package file

Decision Scenario

This tutorial is based on one of our default sample projects, Car-Insurance-Sample.

This is a car insurance premium calculator based on two inputs:

  1. Input from operator/user about their cat information
  2. Input from a database for a list of high-risk cars


Database preparation

Follow the instruction at Car-Insurance-Sample and prepare your database, tables and the sample records.

Download Decision Module Package

Download the decision package using the attachment (car-insurance-sample-package.zip) at the end of this page.

FlexRule Server

Make sure you have FlexRule Server installed and configured.

Run FlexRule Server

Run your FlexRule Server as in the console mode and open FlexRule Workbench application in your browser.

Get It Started

Login to workbench as Admin

Using the admin user account and the password you had set during configuration login to Workbench. When you are logged in you will see the following page

Upload Package

Then from the left side navigation menu, select Create New and then choose Package

Download and Unzip the sample decision package file, and you will find a file called car-insurance-sample-package.frdp.

In the Workbench click “Browse” button, select the .frdp file and press “Publish” button

When this is done, you will be redirected to packages list screen bellow:

Congratulation! your package has been successfully uploaded and registered in FlexRule Server.

Provide package authorisation

After adding the package you need to allow the user to access the package. For that, go to Details of the current user (Admin in this case)

Administration --> Accounts --> Users

Tick the box and save it.

You will see the following notification.

Enabling Package

As you can see in the package list (Execution Server --> Packages), the status of the newly uploaded package is “off” 

You can toggle between on and off using the status button or select the action and choose “Start” like bellow:

Now if you have a look at your package list, the status has changed to “on” 

 and you can see the following notification message

Now the package is enabled to be used.

Updated on August 20, 2021

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