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Analysing Bank Details

◷ Reading Time: 4 minutes

The example will get the details of a list of bank accounts and determine/calculate the following facts:

  1. Maximum balance
  2. Minimum balance
  3. Average of bank accounts
  4. Summation of balances
  5. Find the latest and oldest Bank accounts by Account opened date

Running the flow

1. Open Flow.xml

2. Click on Debug icon

3. Select Data Composer as the Source.

4. Click on Data

5. Click Open

and select the sample JSON file in the project folder.

6. Once the sample data is loaded, click OK.

7. Select ‘Object by Data Composer’ under Input

8. Click Stop Debug

9. You will see the results in Parameters window

Project Description

The project contains the following files.


  • Flow.xml: Defines the flow

IRD (Information Requirement Diagram)

  • IRD.xml: Defines the calculation node.

The JSON for the Data Composer JSON file is as follows

Video Description

Process Steps

The process contains the following steps:

  1. Input bank details
  2. Calculate the maximum, minimum balance, average, and summation
  3. Find the latest and oldest bank accounts by the account opened date

Download the project

The project can be downloaded using the attachment at the end of the page.

Updated on April 13, 2022

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