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Medical Diagnosis

◷ Reading Time: 5 minutes

This example takes a dataset of symptoms to train the model and diagnose whether the patient has a cold, flu, or allergies. It uses the Naive Bayes algorithm for predictions.

The flow has three steps:

  • Input data
  • Train
  • Predict

In this example, we input the sample observed data as a CSV file. It contains the temperature, Humidity and the possibility of playing Golf. Using this dataset, the model will be created and trained to make predictions.

Run the Prediction Sample

1. Once you open Patients-NaiveBayes.xml, click on Run to run the project

2. Once the execution is completed, you will see a message.

3. The prediction will be shown in the Parameters window

Open sample project

The “PredictiveAnalytics” project can be found in the attachment below.

Then open Patients-NaiveBayes.xml

Flow Description

1. Once you open Patients-NaiveBayes.xml, click on Debug to start running the project

2. Click on Next Step to go through the flow step by step.

3. Once it reaches the DataSource node,

you can see the properties; data source type, data file path, etc.

4. Click Next Step again and when you reach the train node,

5. Click on data in the Parameters window

and then click on Data viewer on the right side of Parameters window

and you will see the input data of the model.

6. Click Next Step and when you reach the predict node,

you can see the properties

7. Click on Prediction Input in the properties

to see the set of data we want to get the prediction for.

8. Click the Next Step to end the flow and you will see the prediction as to the percentages of possible illness in the Parameters window.

Download the project

Use the attachment at the end of the page to download the sample project.

Updated on January 17, 2023

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