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The sample project shows how to implement tiebreaking rules of a game to determine the ranks of the players.

  • Input –> A lit of players with their details such as ranking points, the number of matches, age, the previous rank
  • Decision –> Rank the players. If there are players with the same ranking points use the tiebreaking rules to rank the players.
  • Output –> The list of players with their rank

Running the Project

1. Open Main.xml

2. Click on Logic Run Template

3. Select a template.

4. Click debug.

5. You can go step-by-step or stop.

6. The ranking positions can be seen under the Parameters window.

Project Description


The flow that connects all the components of the project.

Rank Tied Players.xml

This flow loops through the players and ranks the positions.


A Decision Table is used to define the tiebreaking rules to rank the players with the same ranking points.


BoxedExpression is used to define the formulas used in the project. It allows reusing the expressions.


BusiessGlossary is used to define the column of the decision table. It allows mapping the condition expressions with aliases. Therefore, in the decision table columns, you can use the aliases.

Download the Project

Use the attachment at the end of the page to download the sample project.

Updated on April 12, 2022

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