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Credit Card Approval Decision

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This sample project will show you how to build a project that creates the custom scorecard for credit card approval decision.


When you apply for any type of lending, the lender will analyze your credit score. The challenge is to generate the Credit Score based on different factors. For this scenario, you might want to have a custom scorecard to score clients based on your very own risk factor, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

In this Decision Model that produces a scorecard approval decision, requires input data such as annual income, and assets. Based on the Current Date, Annual Income, and Assets it calculates the Standard Scorecard and then determines the approval decision based on the Standard Scorecard.

Running the Sample

  • Open the file CardApprovalDecision.xml
project explore
  • Click on the Logic Run template.
  • Click on any given template.
logic run template
  • Debug the sample by clicking on the debug button in the Logic Run Template window.
  • You can click the ‘Next Step’ button to go step by step to follow the flow.
  • Now you can see the output values in the ‘Parameters’ window.

Process Steps

The process contains the following steps to get the card approval decision .

  1. Calculate Standard Card Score
  2. Automatic Approval

Project Description

The project contains the following documents.

Decision Graph

  • CardApprovalDecision.xml – shows the main data flow

Decision Table

  • Calculate Standard Card Score.xml – Calculate the custom score based on current date, annual income and assets.

Natural Language

  • Automatic Approval.xml – Define the logic for automatic approval decision.

The Flow Design

  1. Define the main decision flow in the Decision Graph.
  • CardApprovalDecision.xml
DRD for card approval

2. Calculate the custom score based on current date, annual income and assets.

In this scenario, the Date Validity is pulled in as a condition column. For that, we have used the FlexRule built-in function today() which is available to be used in DateTime functions to determine the Date Validity.

  • Calculate Standard Card Score.xml

3. Define the logic for automatic approval decision.

  • Automatic Approval.xml
Natural language Document for card approval

Download the project

Use the attachment at the end of the page to download the sample project.

Updated on December 15, 2022

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