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Flight Duty Management

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The tutorial uses the scenario of checking the eligibility of a pilot to schedule flight duties.

There are rules and regulations defined by the aviation authority such as the maximum flight period, the maximum number of continues night shifts that can be assigned to a pilot, etc. For example, the maximum duty period should be 12.5 hours.

Therefore, we will be taking the landing data as the input and at the end it displays a message as the output stating the eligibility of the schedule.

Running the Sample

1. Open the file DRD.xml

2. Click on Logic Run Template.

3. Click on one of the given templates.

4. Click Debug

5. Click Next Step to go step by step.

6. You will see the output under Parameters window

Process Steps

The process contains a set of main steps:

  1. Count the number of landings
  2. Calculate daily flight duty period
  3. Calculate flight time
  4. Check the eligibility of the duty

Video Description

Project Description

The project contains the following files:

DRD (Decision Requirement Diagram)

  • DRD.xml: Shows the data flow


  • CalculateFlightTime.xml: Calculate flight times taking into account the difference between landing times

Decision Table

  • Check Eligibility.xml: Make a final decision on the pilot’s eligibility to fly
  • DailyFlightDutyPeriod.xml: Calculate the daily flight duty period
  • LandingCount.xml: Calculate the number of night and day shifts

Fact Concept

  • Crew.xml: Define the crew object

Boxed Expression

  • BoxedExpression.xml: Define the formulas that are repeatedly used in the project

The Flow Design

1. Define the crew object as a Fact Concept. This is the final JSON object with all the details of a crew member.

  • Crew.xml

2. Add the daily flight period calculation formula as a Boxed Expression

  • BoxedExpression.xml

3. Define rules to count the number of day and night shifts of landings per trip.

  • LandingCount.xml

4. Define rules to calculate daily flight period

  • DailyFlightDutyPeriod.xml

5. Calculate the total flight time

  • CalculateFlightTime.xml

6. Check the pilot’s eligibility to fly

  • Check Eligibility.xml

7. Define the complete path of the flow.

  • DRD.xml

Download the project

Use the attachment at the end of the page to download the sample project.

Updated on April 12, 2022

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